How To Bring a Dinosaur To Life -
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How To Bring a Dinosaur To Life

How To Bring a Dinosaur To Life

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With an illusion of course! Visual illusions work by tricking your brain. With some visual illusions once you notice the trick the illusion is lost, but with others the trick remains!

We have an illusion you can easily try out today. It works by using a trick of perspective. Your brain is hardwired to see things in perspective, and to understand the difference between a small thing really close and a big thing really far away.

We can use how quickly your brain sees perspective to trick it, though!

For this illusion you need to do this is a printer, paper, scissors, and some tape or glue.

If you want to try this, we’ll have print outs of this demonstration at our next Adult Takeover Evening and experts on hand to explain how and why this illusion works. Tickets are on sale for this event:


T-Rex green



To create the illusion, print off the picture above. Fold it along its lines, and stand it on a table after cutting it out. Leave it standing and move around the table keeping the dinosaur at eye height. If you can’t see it try closing one eye and move back and forth.


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