Aberdeen Science Centre launches appeal to go back to the future -
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Aberdeen Science Centre launches appeal to go back to the future

Aberdeen Science Centre launches appeal to go back to the future

Aberdeen Science Centre has today (Wednesday 17th April) launched a public appeal  for photographs and other memorabilia that people in the North East may have from visits to the Centre throughout the years to mark its upcoming redevelopment and 30th anniversary.

The campaign, known as ‘From Satrosphere and Beyond’ aims to collect as many old pictures and memories across the lifetime of the Centre to date. From its inception in 1988 in Justice Mill Lane to its move to Constitution Street, the Centre has played a large part in many North East childhoods and the campaign aims to mark this before taking the next big step in the redevelopment process.

Chief Executive, Liz Hodge said, “2018 is an extremely important year for the Science Centre, as not only will we be celebrating our 30th anniversary, but we are just about to undertake a major redevelopment which will ensure that we will continue to be part of the cultural landscape of North Scotland for many more years to come.

“The Centre has had a rich and varied history since it was established in 1988, creating lots of fond memories for so many young people in this area, and we feel this should be celebrated as we take the next step in this exciting journey.

“As we start to prepare for our temporary relocation we’ve come across some great finds in the archives which show the large numbers of people who have interacted with the Centre over the years. We would be delighted if people wanted to share their memories of the Centre as part of this campaign.

All photos donated to the campaign will be copied and put on display at the Centre over the next few months for people to view.  Files can be scanned and sent digitally to, sent by post or dropped in at the centre 7 days a week. All original photos can be returned and copies will be stored digitally.

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