Aberdeen STEM Club - Aberdeen Science Centre
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Our Clubs

Upcoming Clubs

STEM Club – We will be announcing our next Club soon!

For any info please email

Engineering Club: The Goblin Car, 21st April – 16th June is currently open for bookings!

Become part of ASC’s Goblin Car team to design, build and race a single seat electric car. Young people will work as part of the team to build the Goblin Car and enter it into the annual race at Grampian Transport Museum.

Please note: parents will be required to arrange children’s transport to and from the race day as well as be present throughout the day.

If parents are interested in being involved in the creation and design of the car please let us know! This club is suitable for 9 – 12 year olds.

To book please email:


Pre-booking is required.

Upcoming Club Dates

Our next club will be Engineering Club: The Goblin Car! If you would like more information on these please contact a member of the team at

How to book

For booking information or general questions email:

Membership Fees

Membership for STEM Club for one term (six weekly sessions) is usually £39.

Membership for Engineering Club for one block is £10 per child.

Booking ensures membership to one block of the club you are booking for at a time. All spaces MUST be pre-booked

Where do I Wait During the Sessions?

During the sessions we recommend parents/guardians drop members of the club at the Science Centre a little before the time the club begins and pick them up at the stated time the club finishes.

Alternatively, parents/guardians are welcome to wait in our Cafe, run by Hudson’s Catering and located towards the front of the centre. If preferred or required by the needs of the centre, parents/guardians are welcome to accompany the members during the sessions. (noted cafe closes at 4pm)