ASC & CATS Management Take Children on 'The Great Gas Journey' -
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ASC & CATS Management Take Children on ‘The Great Gas Journey’

ASC & CATS Management Take Children on ‘The Great Gas Journey’

Aberdeen-based midstream infrastructure business, CATS Management Limited (CML) has partnered with Aberdeen Science Centre (ASC) to develop an educational workshop that will give children from across the North East the opportunity to learn about where gas comes from, how it gets from the North Sea to our homes, and its importance, both in our day to day lives, and as part of the UK’s diverse energy mix.

The workshop, called The Great Gas Journey, launched on Monday 30 October and is part of ASC’s 2017/2018 educational programme. It will involve children working in groups playing the role of a midstream infrastructure company such as CML, to design and build a new gas pipeline that can transport gas safely, efficiently and cost-effectively from the North Sea, to an onshore processing terminal or refinery.

In addition to the hands-on activity, there are a number of supporting exhibits including a Virtual Reality Great Gas Journey tour, a replica of a segment of gas pipeline built to scale, a 250 kilogram valve that is used to control the flow of gas on a pipeline, and a model to demonstrate the concept of pressure.


Andy Hessell, Managing Director of CATS Management Limited said: “We are delighted to be working with Aberdeen Science Centre to give children across the North East an insight into the gas industry, and our own business, the Central Area Transmission System (CATS), which delivered over 5 billion cubic metres of gas to UK markets in 2016.

“We hope the Great Gas Journey will be an enjoyable educational experience, but also one that will inspire the kids to think about pursuing a career in the oil and gas industry, whether that’s as a lawyer, an engineer, a health and safety expert or a finance and accounting professional.”


Liz Hodge, Chief Executive of Aberdeen Science Centre added: “We are extremely pleased to work with CATS Management to develop and deliver this hands-on workshop together with engaging exhibits that demonstrate the use of science and technology in our daily lives. The Great Gas Journey will now form a valuable and valued addition to our programme of activities.”

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