Back to Maxwell's Future!
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Back to Maxwell’s Future!

Back to Maxwell’s Future!

Get ready for a FREE weekend of electromagnetic extravaganza with “Back to Maxwell’s Future”.

Can we produce indoor lightning bolts? Can we make our very own hoverboard? Can we create sparkling music ? And why is James Clerk Maxwell’s work on electricity and magnetism so important?  Join us for a weekend spectacular at Satrosphere Science Centre, where we’ll be celebrating sensational science like you’ve never seen before.  Presenters vary, with special “Back to Maxwell’s Future” shows at 12pm and 2pm each day with Dr Ken Skeldon of the University of Aberdeen.

Inspired by the popular culture of the Back to the Future films which feature an array of electromagnetic machines and objects, this event will bring the principles of James Clerk Maxwell’s theory to life, using real life applications, some of which would never have been imagined, let alone realised, in his own lifetime. So get ready for a trip that will bring you Back to Maxwell’s Future!

The Back to Maxwell’s Future Weekend of activities celebrates International Year of Light and the exciting discoveries of Scottish Scientist James Clerk Maxwell. This event is supported by the Scottish Government.

The Centre will be open from 10 am to 5 pm. Entry will be free but donations can be made to Aberdeen Science Centre, a registered Scottish Charity (number SC014922)

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