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Birthdays at Aberdeen Science Centre

We host birthday parties in our Science Centre every weekend. Taking the stress out of organising the day, we make sure you can relax and enjoy the party. Bring the cake and we’ll do the rest, making sure it’s a unique and exciting time for everyone.

There are various time slots available on both Saturday and Sunday, please call the centre on 01224 640340 or email to find out about availability. We recommend booking at least 2 months in advance. Each party lasts for 2 hours.

Birthday parties cost £12.95 per child, which included a party bag and food. If you have a joint party there is a surcharge of £1.50 for the additional birthday child.



All parties include…

Time to explore the exhibition floor

Exciting science-on-the-spot demo

Party Food

A themed workshop

Pre-made party bags

Browse the themes…

Brilliant Bubbles (max 25 guests, all ages)

During this workshop we will look at all things bubbles, from how bubbles are made to their shapes and colours.  At the end of the theme everyone will get the chance to go inside a giant bubble

Erupting Volcanoes! (max 20 guests, ages 5 years and above)

During this workshop we will look into the shape and formation of volcanoes, what is lava, and then in group we will erupt our very own volcano.

CSI (max 15 guests, suitable for 7 years and above)

Children will collect evidence and interrogate staff to try and solve the mystery of the stolen TOP SECRET experiment.

Soapbox Enterprise (max 20 guests, suitable for ages 7 and above)

Become an entrepreneur for the day and make your very own soap to take home with you. This workshop will last for 45 minutes

Junior Scientist (max 20 guests, suitable for ages 7 and above)

Become a budding scientist for the day and get involved our lab full of science experiments

Party invitation:

Click here to download your party invitations.


The menu will be given to you on receipt of a deposit, this must be returned to Aberdeen Science Centre via e-mail or phone 01224 640340 at least three weeks before the party.  Allergies and dietary requirements can be catered for. (We do not have the expertise to cater for children who suffer from severe food allergies, however own food can be brought in these circumstances.)

Please see the FAQs below for more information.


How do I find out if the date I want is available?
Call the centre on 01224 640340 and ask to speak to a member of the Commercial Team who will be happy to help with your enquiry.

What is the duration of the party?

The party will last 2 hours.

The weekend I wanted is fully booked, do you do weekday parties?
Depending on staff availability we may be able to offer mid-week parties. If we are able to do this, the party would be from 16:00 – 18:00. Please call the centre on 01224 640340 and ask to speak to Elaine to discuss this.

Where Can I get party invitations?

Click here to download your party invitations.

Is there enough parking for guests?
We have a free of charge car park to the left-hand side of the building which provides space for guests to park.

How much is the deposit?
The deposit is £50 and we require it within two weeks after your booking date in order to secure the booking for you. Once we have received this we will give you birthday invitations, the party menu and a hard copy of our Terms and Conditions for you to read at you leisure.

Can I pay the deposit over the phone/online?
Unfortunately, we cannot take payments over the phone or online at the moment. You can either come into the centre or post us a cheque made payable to Aberdeen Science Centre to make your payment. For further information please call the Commercial Team at Aberdeen Science Centre on 01224 640340.

Is there a minimum number of children needed?
Yes, the minimum number is 10 children. If you have fewer children attending you will still be charged for 10. The final number of guests will be required one week before the party.

How many adults can be admitted free of charge?
For children aged 5 and under, one adult can be admitted free of charge for every party child. For children aged 6 and over, up to 4 adults can be admitted free per party. Any additional adults will be charged the £5.75 adult entry fee. Adults accompanying the party should supervise the party at all times.

When does the menu need to be submitted?

We request the birthday party menu be submitted three weeks prior to the party. This menu is for the party as a whole and not per individual child.

Do I need to bring anything other than just a cake?
Most parents prefer to bring their own candles as the ones we have here are from previous parties. We will bring it to the table to sing Happy Birthday then cut it up and either wrap it and put it in the party bags or serve it to the children.

What is in the party bags?
We try as much as possible to make the party bags gender neutral.  We try our best to vary the items but each party bag will usually contain the following:

  • A puzzle based item
  • A book based item
  • A stationary based item
  • A miscellaneous item

Some parents like to provide extras for the party bags – this is no problem at all! Just hand any items into reception at the beginning of the party and we will pop them into the bags so that they are ready for the end of the party.

Terms and conditions apply.