CLOSED for training 5 & 6 Sept and A Look Ahead at September -
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CLOSED for training 5 & 6 Sept and A Look Ahead at September

CLOSED for training 5 & 6 Sept and A Look Ahead at September

We’ll be closed on Monday 5th September and Tuesday 6th September for staff training but we’ll be open as usual from 10am on Wednesday 8th September.

When you’re next in remember to take a look at our energy zone! Exploring the world of energy, play with our wave tank and discover how wave power generates electricity.


On the 16th September we’re holding an Adult Takeover on Food & Drink. Come along and explore the science behind chocolate, drink, and more. Bring your own milkshake and we’ll show you the fast science way of making ice cream! Tickets available now

On the 22nd September we’re exploring gravitaitonal waves in a free talk with Prof Martin Hendry.



There’s plenty for the young ones too over September as we explore sound on the 21st September during our Little Explorer Day ahead of our sound theme for October.

This month over the weekends and holidays we’re exploring weather too! Join us in workshops investigating atmospheric pressure, come along and learn about how clouds are made, and discover what makes our climate the way it is.



We hope to see you soon!

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