Destination Space - Join The Crew!
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Destination Space – Join The Crew!

Destination Space – Join The Crew!

Backed by the UK Space Agency, we have joined forces with other science centres across the UK to take part in Destination Space – an exciting and hands-on season of astronauts and adventure for families and schools. Destination Space celebrates the European Space Agency’s first British astronaut, Tim Peake’s Principia mission to the International Space Station in December. It will provide children all over the UK with a unique opportunity to learn about human space flight, follow life on the International Space Station and discover the great opportunities for young people across the science and space sector.

Our Destination Space Programme will include special events for Tim Peake’s launch, meet-the-expert sessions and a fabulous astronaut shows that will engage and inspire family audiences with Tim’s mission. Have a look at our exciting programme!

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Destination Space: Life in Orbit

How do Astronauts live and survive in space? Every weekend (from the 20th February), explore what life is like for the entire space crew in our family show celebrating astronaut Tim Peake’s mission to the International Space Station. We’ll be studying space suits, learning some tricks to sleep in space and much more!

This inspiring show is an out-of-this world experience not to be missed.

The show lasts 30 minutes and will be repeated throughout the day. Please ask at reception for timings.

To find out about your role in the Space Crew, take the QUIZ.

Planetarium Show: We Are Aliens

Embark on an epic ride in the hunt for the evidence of alien life!

Future Events

  • Meet The Experts (TBA)
  • Stargazing Event – Friday 22nd January

For more information and space challenges, visit these websites:

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