Community Learning - Aberdeen Science Centre
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Community Learning



Adult and Teen Community Groups

Childlike Wonder. Grown Up Learning.

Here at Aberdeen Science Centre, it’s not just the children who get to play and learn! Adults often have as much fun at the Centre as the children, but we want to do more. And we need your help.

We are currently developing our Community Learning Programme and would love to know what you or your community group want from us.

We cover everything from the world of science, technology, engineering and maths. Please let us know what you would like to know more about by completing our short online survey by clicking here.

Generous funding from the Scottish Government means that, in certain circumstances, we can provide financial assistance to community groups. If you feel your community group could benefit from STEM adult/teen learning, please get in touch with Sonia via email ( or phone (01224 640340).


Children’s Community Groups (under 16s)

We can provide a fantastic timetable of activities for your community group’s visit to the centre. We have interactive workshops ranging from making your own volcano to learning how to programme your very own robot, and everything in between. We can cater for any age range from 4 – 12.

We are also currently developing our outreach programme for children’s community groups so that we can come to you. If you would like to discuss organising a visit from us to your group please get in touch with Sonia using the contact details below.

As with our adult and teen programmes generous funding from the Scottish Government means that, in certain circumstances, we can provide financial assistance to community groups where paying for travel or entry to the centre is a barrier. If you would like to book a visit for your community group, or simply have a question, please get in touch with Sonia via email ( or by phone (01224 640340).