Little Explorer Days -
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Little Explorer Days

Ideal for 3-5 years, Little Explorer Days offer fun, hands-on science based activities encouraging learning through play.


These days are open to public and groups.


Each Little Explorer Day workshop lasts approximately 30 minutes and is supported by related activity tables on the Exhibition Floor.


These days are open to both the public and groups however if you are wishing to attend with a group then we would recommend you book in advance. Please contact a member of the STEM Learning Team on 01224 640 340 for more details


On Little Explorer Days, normal entry prices apply.


There is a discount for nurseries and playgroups who book in advance.


For these groups we can offer our special educational group rate of £3.75 per child with accompanying adult helpers free (up to a ratio of 1:3). Groups who book will also get their own private workshop! If you would like to book in your nursery or playgroup for any of our Little Explorer Days, please call our STEM Learning Team on 01224 640 340.






September 12 (Schools/Groups) 16 (Public)

Adventures in Space

Learn all about the solar system through an interactive  show. Enjoy our space themed floor activities and story book sessions.

SCN 0-06a. I have experienced the wonder of looking at the vastness of the sky, and can recognise the sun, moon and stars and link them to daily patterns of life.

October 10 (Schools/Groups) 14 (Public)

Giants of the Past

Discover how these giants lived millions of years ago, find out what they ate, how large they were and find and handle some real fossils in our dig pit.

SOC 0-01a. I understand that evidence varies in the extent to which it can be trusted and can use this in learning about the past.

November 21 (Schools/Groups) 25 (Public)

Marvellous Minibeasts

Come along  and meet our minibeasts! We have some with six legs, some with hundreds of legs and some with no legs! Learn all about how to look after them!

SCN 0-01a. I have observed living things in the environment over time and am becoming aware of how they depend on each other.

December 12 (Schools/Groups) 16 (Public)

Frosty Fun

Take part in our frosty themed workshop and take part in our ice investigations. Then make some snowflakes fizz out on our exhibition floor.

SCN 0-05a/SCN 1-05a By investigating how water can change from one form to another, I can relate my findings to everyday experiences