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Book A School Visit

Our dedicated and enthusiastic STEM Learning Team will support you from the moment you first get in touch to when you board your bus back to school. With our wide variety of CfE linked workshops and shows, we’ll ensure your pupils are inspired and excited by Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Book a school visit by firstly filling in the form opposite with the following information:


– dates and times that suit you
– the year group of your class
– how many pupils are in your class
– which shows, workshops or topics you are interested in
– whether you would like a space for a snack and/or lunch


If we need further information or you had any questions for us we will be in touch as soon as we can.


Once we have all your details and found a suitable date we will email them all to you. At this point, you can change details if required or just let us know that you are happy with all the details with a quick email back. Once we have received your email your booking is confirmed.


Note that we recommend a visit time of 2 to 2.5 hours.




A wide variety of CfE linked workshops and shows are available at Aberdeen Science Centre from “The Perfect Poo” to “Explore Your Universe”.


Click here to find out about our full range.



School visits are offered at a discounted rate of £3.75/pupil. This includes the show or workshop of your choice plus additional activities.


Teachers and adult helpers are free at a ratio of 1:3 for nursery to P3, and 1:6 for P4 and up. Any additional adults will be charged at £4.50.


Golden Tickets are sometimes available for schools from Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire. If these are available at the time of booking you will automatically be allocated them.


If your school qualifies we will provide you with information on how to claim back part, or all of, the cost of your transport.