Famelab - Aberdeen heats
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FameLab – Aberdeen Heats

FameLab – Aberdeen Heats

FameLab is a global competition which aims to find the very best communicators of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Over 20 countries now compete and this is your chance to be involved!

Fame lab 3


We are looking for people passionate about STEM to come along and compete in the Aberdeen heats for a chance to go forward to the Scottish final*. You’ll have three minutes and only what you can carry with you to explain a STEM concept.

Those successful at the Scottish final will go through to the UK final and be given a special Masterclass training trip.

We will be providing free training to help you hone your science communication skills and perfect your 3 minutes.

The heats will be open to a public audience so you can bring your family and friends for support!

More information on FameLab can be found here (

Fame lab 1 Fame lab 5

Dates & Times

  • TUESDAY 8th DECEMBER 1600 – 1800: Training session (with a drop in information session running between 1800 – 1900)
  • SATURDAY 12th DECEMBER 1200 – 1400: Aberdeen Heat


Both training and heats will take place at Satrosphere Science Centre, 179 Constitution Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5TU. Free car parking is available.

To book a place at the training session please email using “FameLab” in the subject line.

Note to take part in the heat you must also register at with FameLab:



To compete you must be:

  • Over 21 years of age
  • Working or studying in science, technology, engineering or maths
  • Not working in a professional science communication role
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