Fossils and Mini-Beasts in our Science Shop! -
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Fossils and Mini-Beasts in our Science Shop!

Fossils and Mini-Beasts in our Science Shop!

After discovering the ‘Fossils & Funny Bones’ exhibition, visit our Science Shop to keep exploring the fascinating world of prehistoric creatures at home!

A whole section of our shop is now dedicated to fossils and dinosaurs with numerous items ranging from soft toys to genuine fossils. Ammonites and shark teeth have been waiting many years for you to collect them! Books, posters and hands-on kits will allow you to learn more about the life and fossilisation of dinosaurs.


IMG_1941                IMG_1942              IMG_1943


Curious little naturalists won’t be disappointed either as we also have kits to grow your own mini-beasts! From butterflies and worms to triops (also known as living fossils!) we have enough creatures to populate the land, the oceans and the skies!

IMG_1963    IMG_1970     IMG_1969

Pop in whenever you want, many more surprises are waiting for you!

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