Giant truck drives education agenda with mid-term visit to Aberdeen -
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Giant truck drives education agenda with mid-term visit to Aberdeen

Giant truck drives education agenda with mid-term visit to Aberdeen

A 35-tonne innovation truck will be making a pit stop in Aberdeen next week to encourage young people in the North East to find out more about the exciting world of engineering.

The truck, which is owned by RS components and replaces the Titan I, offers visitors the chance to explore technologies such as Raspberry Pi, 3D printing, robotics, the Internet of Things and thermal imaging. As well as showcasing the modern uses of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in today’s world of engineering.

The Titan II will tour a number of schools in the city before parking up at the Aberdeen Science Centre where it will open its doors to members of the public for the mid-term holiday on Monday 12th February.

Liz Hodge, Chief executive at the Aberdeen Science Centre, said “We are delighted to have the Titan II with us for the mid-term holiday and would encourage as many people as possible to come along for a visit. This is a great resource for young people and their families, and really brings to life the world of engineering.”

The Titan II arrives at an exciting time for science in the North East after it was recently announced that Aberdeen Science Centre has secured £4.7 million to expand and redevelop over the next few years. The funding will revitalise and refresh the Centre and lead to the creation of a state of the art 21st century facility.

The redevelopment aims to be complete by early 2020 and, as well as presenting a new STEM environment to explore, delivers a perfect platform for businesses, academia and government to work collaboratively to further support the delivery of the STEM agenda in the North-East.

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