A look ahead at March & Closed Dates -
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A look ahead at March & Closed Dates

A look ahead at March & Closed Dates

We’re closed on the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th of March as we welcome our NASA astronaut and space scientist visitors. If you have tickets to events on these dates, we welcome you! Otherwise, we are closed to the public.


After our Meet the Astronaut events we’re heading straight into a very busy time and we’d love it if you could join us!

On the 10 March from 7pm we’re hosting our own special challenge for adults! Calling all boffins — join us for an evening of fun, hands-on challenges, and prizes as you take part in our Adult Takeover Evening: Engineering Extravaganza! Tickets bookable now¬†online. Remember, due to licensing this is an over 18s event.

On the 12 March we’re welcoming Alzheimer’s Research UK alongside the Aberdeen Football Club Community Trust to explore the science behind your mind! With hands-on activities and expert talks, this day is drop in 10am-4pm and is entirely free to visitors.

On the 18 March we’re hosting British Science Week’s Discovery Day. With visitors from RSPB, Techfest, North East Scotland Biological Records Centre, OPAL Community Scientists, Countryside Rangers and the more this day is sure to be full of fun and learning! During the day the centre will also be hosting RS Live — a truck of hands-on engineering activities.

Moving in to April we’re really excited for a Fun with Fossils day on the 14 April. With¬†Storytelling sessions, Dino dig pits for the younger visitors, Fossil finding activities, a make your own fossil workshop, demonstrations all about fossils, we’ll also have a talk and Q&A with Ken Lacovara — so called ‘dinosaur man’.


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