Mistaking Your Wife For a Hat & Other Brain Hiccups -
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Mistaking Your Wife For a Hat & Other Brain Hiccups

Mistaking Your Wife For a Hat & Other Brain Hiccups

Music is the cheesecake of the mind.

Famous brain expert Stephen Pinker wasn’t just staring at a delicious cheesecake when he wrote this (unconfirmed), he was making a clear point about one of the things in the universe we know the least about — your brain.

Not just your brain, but all of them. Every single brain is a mystery unto itself, and one that some scientists dedicate their lives to unravelling tiny pieces of a single thought. With 100 billion neurons in a single human brain, each of them capable of making 10s of thousands of connections, it’s easy to see how things quickly get complicated when it comes to brain science.

The mysteries of this organ, and how we use it to understand our own world, will be explored during our Adult Adult Takeover Evening (7pm 3 February) on perception.

From discovering how we look at beauty to marvellous illusions designed to trick your brain and showing you how it works, join us for some after hours fun from 7pm.

Because of licencing laws, this is an over 18s event. Tickets are on-sale on our eventbrite page. Spaces are limited so booking ahead of the night is essential.

As for music? It’s definitely the cheesecake of the mind. Pleasing, evocative, and something in-expressible in any other form. Just like a recipe cannot totally describe a cake, neither can the notes on a music sheet totally describe that ear worm you’ve been humming to yourself all morning.

If you’re interested in brain science more generally, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks is an excellent book to start with. Give it a browse before our Adult Takeover and come ready to ask questions!

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