Prices & Opening Times -
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Prices & Opening Times


Adults:                                                                                    £5.75
Children (3+):                                                                         £5.00
Children (2s and under):                                                     FREE
Concessions:                                                                         £5.00
Family (2 adults + 2 children
OR 1 adult + 3 children):                                                      £19.50
STEM Passport holder:                                                       FREE
Groups:                                                                      £4.50 per child


All groups must book in advance by contacting 01224 640 340.


Home Educators special admission rate £4.50 per child.


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:                         10am-4pm
Tuesday:                                                                                10am-3pm
Saturday and Sunday:                                                        10am-5pm
Local and School Holidays:                                              10am-5pm

We are closed on Monday 7th May due to unforseen circumstances

We open outwith our core business hours for group bookings and special events. Call us to discuss your needs on 01224 640340 or email