Robot Exhibition - Aberdeen Science Centre
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Robot Exhibition – Summer 2016

Robot Exhibition – Summer 2016

Meet dozens of robot models, cyborgs and androids – full size models, heads and toys – from TV shows and films from the past 60 years!

Science-fiction fans, movie aficionados and families will have the chance to meet some of the most iconic movie characters at Aberdeen Science Centre.

The display, one of Europe’s largest private collections of robots, will open on the 2nd of July and features full-size models from films and TV shows like Star Wars, Dr Who, The Terminator, Robocop, Judge Dredd and I, Robot.

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Some exhibits, like the S.I.M.O.N life size head from the movie Tomb Raider, were the actual ones used during production. The exhibition also includes a string of robot toys and characters from the 1950s and 1960s. Visitors will have the opportunity to see how our perceptions of robots evolved throughout the decades as the various exhibits span 60 years.

Throughout summer, visitors will also be able to attend interactive shows and hands-on workshop to continue to explore the fascinating world of robots. Workshops will include:

  • Brushbots: using a toothbrush head and a simple motor, visitors can create their own busy brush bug bot.
  • Makey Makey Switch Making: Imagination can go wild as participants explore circuits and switches and design their own controller to play music and games.
  • Robotic Arms: An opportunity to discover the uses of robotic arms and make a simple robotic hand model.

The exhibition is included in the admission price.

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