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Stuff Worth Knowing

‘Stuff Worth Knowing’ talks explores areas worth  knowing about. Scheduled with convenience in mind, these talks are FREE and are after hours at  7pm. Take a look at what’s coming up in the next few months for an idea of what you can discover with experts in their fields.

Solar technology: dark days ahead or light at the end of the tunnel?

7pm 16 February, FREE
Dr Firdaus Muhammad-Sukki, RGU
The use of solar panels still only accounts for about 2% of the world’s electricity. Explore the obstacles and challenges of increasing the use of thisrenewable energy.


Avoiding Nemo: how not to catch fish using a smart phone

7pm 20 April, FREE
Dr Tara Marshall, University of Aberdeen
Fishing sustainably requires selectively avoiding the capture of certain species or sizes of fish. In the North Sea this goal is made more difficult by a range of factors. Explore how technology can be used to improve tactical decision making at sea,and overcome these challenges.

LASER – the amazing light

7pm 18 May, FREE
Dr Thanga Thevar, University of Aberdeen
Laser is a unique light source with a number of distinctive properties that has led to numerous applications in science and technology