About Us -
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About Us

Located near the lively beach boulevard in the city of Aberdeen, Aberdeen Science Centre is easy to get to by bus (number 15), train, and car — with free onsite parking.


Aberdeen Science Centre is 10 minutes walk from the city centre. From the Castlegate, head along Justice Street and then into Park Street. Continue along Park Street then into Constitution Street. Aberdeen Science Centre is situated on the left-hand side of the street.


Aberdeen is on the East Coast main line and Aberdeen Science Centre is approximately a 20-minute walk from the station.


Established in 1989, Aberdeen Science Centre (formerly Satrosphere) is a pioneer of interactive science discovery in Scotland. Today our dynamic team continues to develop interactive programmes transporting visitors, of all ages and backgrounds, to the heart of discovery.


We bring cutting edge research to life through collaboration with universities and industry partners, hosting major events for high profile celebrations such as British Science Week and European Researchers’ Night.


We work with the public, communities, and schools to help inspire and enthuse.


We are a registered Scottish Charity (No. SC014922).


Our Ambition

 “A Lifetime with Science”

To transform the UK’s most northerly Science Centre into a future-looking STEM hub, inclusive and accessible for all, for learning and discovery, inspired by life-long journeys with science, whether through play, education, daily life or topical issues.  Through a re-invented centre, re-invigorated outreach and community work targeting under-represented and geographically dispersed groups.  To position science firmly in the cultural landscape for people in North Scotland and visitors to our region.

Our Vision

To inspire, educate and enthuse people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)


Our Mission

To create a STEM Hub to connect and engage members of the public, industry, academia and government in STEM


Our Values


  • We are passionate about providing everyone with access to a lifelong journey with science.
  • We believe in education’s ability to transform lives.
  • We value each other through diversity, respect and honesty.
  • We recognise our staff as our greatest assets.
  • We nurture collaboration; our visitors and partners are our priority.
  • We are curious first and foremost.
“For our University outreach activities, Aberdeen Science Centre provides a unique resource, giving the most effective, immersive venue through which to bring our cutting-edge science and research to a diverse audience.

Professor Dame Anne Glover, Vice Principal, University of Aberdeen.

``The Science Centre is an excellent attraction and a fantastic asset for Aberdeen.``

Kirsty Blackman MP, Aberdeen North