Wellcome Image Awards 2016 - From April
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Wellcome Image Awards 2016 – From April

Wellcome Image Awards 2016 – From April

2016 Wellcome Image Awards going on show at Aberdeen Science Centre, across the UK and beyond.

The Wellcome Image Awards are the Wellcome Trust’s most eye-catching celebration of science, medicine and life. The Awards recognise the creators of the most informative, striking and technically excellent images that communicate significant aspects of biomedical science.

The winning images will be displayed in Aberdeen Science Centre from March 24th. This year’s overall winner is a scientifically accurate painting of the molecular landscape inside a single Ebola virus particle (see image hereinafter). Other images include pathways of nerve fibres in the brain, delicate golden scales on a Madagascan sunset moth, and a digitally reconstructed skeleton showing atheroma, the ‘furring up’ of arteries that supply blood to the brain, in someone who has had a stroke.

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