What's Happening Today? - Aberdeen Science Centre
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What’s Happening Today?

What’s Happening Today?

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Date(s) - 02 Jan 2018 - 31 Jul 2018
All Day

Aberdeen Science Centre

2018 Public Programme

Our Amazing Bodies

How to make the Perfect Poo Show –  Show Theatre

Follow your breakfast on its journey through the digestive system and discover how your body works!

Hands-on with Visual Illusions – Exhibition Floor

Try out some optical illusions and explore how your eyes and brain work

Brain Games Workshop – Lab

Take part in fun challenges as you explore the different regions of the brain.

Planetarium: We are Aliens – Exhibition Floor

Discover how scientists are looking for life on other planets.

Science on the Spot – Exhibition Floor

Explore science experiments with our communicators – some of which you can try at home!




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