What's Happening Today? - Aberdeen Science Centre
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What’s Happening Today?

What’s Happening Today?

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Date(s) - 07 Jun 2018 - 06 Jul 2018
All Day

Aberdeen Science Centre

2018 Public Programme

Astrobiology Workshop – Lab

Join us in our hunt for tardigrades, tiny creatures that can survive the most extreme conditions. Can they help us better understand life on earth?

Amazing Animals Gameshow – Show theatre

Put your knowledge to the test in our jeopardy style quiz show!

LOTS Storytelling – Exhibition Floor

Come along for a story and craft as we explore the diversity of life on Earth.

Adaptations Workshop – Lab

Can you drink nectar with a fork or crunch a cracker with a toothbrush? Come along as we explore the amazing diversity of animal teeth, ears, eyes and more!

We Are Aliens Planetarium Show – Planetarium

Are we alone in the universe? How are scientists looking for life on other planets? Come along to find out!

Science on the Spot – Exhibition Floor

Join us on the exhibition floor for science experiments, some of which you can try at home!




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