Wildlife Weekend - 28th-29th May -
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Wildlife Weekend – 28th-29th May

Wildlife Weekend – 28th-29th May

On the 28th and 29th, come to Aberdeen Science Centre for a special wildlife weekend! Explore the life of the amazing bottlenose dolphins with RSPB and meet new walking and crawling friends with the Critter Keeper.

The Critter Keeper will be hosting a stall for the weekend and bringing along his animal crew including Rocket the Raccoon. This stall will be open from 10-4 with a break around 1pm for lunch.

In addition to seeing animals and learning about their life in the wild, you will have the opportunity to participate in the Living Things – Amazing Adaptations Show, take part in our Science on the Spot experiments, watch one of our planetarium films and discover all the interactive exhibits of the Science Centre.

This special weekend is part of the “Living Things” programme of events. More details here:

This event is included in the admission price. More details here:

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