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David Wilson

What is OGTC? What does it do?

At OGTC we support the oil and gas industry to develop and deploy technology to accelerate the transition to an affordable net zero North Sea.

To help deliver this, we have a vision which reimagines the North Sea with innovation at its heart, delivering technology ensuring that hydrocarbon is produced in the North Sea with a net zero footprint as part of an integrated energy system – while also unlocking the potential of carbon sequestration, blue and green hydrogen – and supporting the growth of the renewable sector.

What was your role on the steering group in the development of The OPITO Theatre of Energy?

I was excited to be part of the steering group for the OPITO Theatre of Energy representing OGTC’s experience and expertise. In telling the story of energy we wanted to help everyone understand where our energy comes from and why it is so precious, and, with the Avatar Game, how the choices that we make about the way we live our lives can have a profound effect on our environment.

Why is it important to reflect the work of the energy industry in the new exhibits?

We are committed to a culture of innovation and helping to attract future generations of engineers and scientists to our industry.

Our region has prospered from the energy industry and the UK will still need the resources and skills from the oil and gas industry for many years to come to enable the transition to a net zero North Sea.

What role does Aberdeen Science Centre have to play in encouraging STEM education in Aberdeen and beyond? 

Aberdeen Science centre is a fantastic place to get excited about STEM and make the link between education and the practical application of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the world around us. It inspires people to get involved and, perhaps, follow careers based on these subjects.

What are you most looking forward to seeing / what is your favourite exhibit?

The Energy Wall – who doesn’t want to see what they look like as heat energy or throw bolts of electrical energy!