Digital Engagement

Engage with STEM

Aberdeen Science Centre continue to develop, adapt, and create online tools and activities to inspire young people to engage with STEM.

The ‘ASC in your Classroom’ provides teachers with the opportunity to deliver a range of STEM activities virtually, in your own classroom. Created due to the COVID Pandemic, ‘ASC in your Classroom’ is aimed at early year education as well as nurseries and primary schools across Scotland.

ASC In Your Classroom

Linked to the Curriculum of Excellence, our ‘ASC in your Classroom’ programme offers a virtual experience for pupils across Scotland.

The ‘ASC in your Classroom’ digital engagement programme provides a range of activities including online demonstrations and experiments, escape rooms and challenge/task sheets that can be delivered in your classroom.

Teachers will be provided with post-engagement activity sheets to further enhance learning and to develop more activities in the classroom and a member of staff from Aberdeen Science Centre will be contactable if you or any pupils have any questions.

Price: £30 per session or £45 for two (topics of the same level)
How to book: Complete our online booking form and choose your topic of interest.

Most of our  digital topics can be adapted to a livestream version or outreach engagement. To discuss this option and prices, please contact our team.

Teachers can choose from the following workshops:

  • Day and Night – Early Level
  • Day and Night – First Level
  • Destination Space: Spaceports – Upper First Level
  • Destination Space: Escape Room – Upper First Level
  • Destination Space: Escape Room – Second Level
  • Feel the Forces – First and Second Level
  • Equinor Digital Technologies – First Level
  • Equinor Digital Technologies – Second Level
  • Super Solvers: Maths Virtual Escape Room – Upper First Level
  • Super Solvers: Maths Virtual Escape Room – Second Level
  • Scottish Water, The Water Cycle – First Level
  • Scottish Water, The Water Cycle – Second Level

Stay Home Science

The team at Aberdeen Science Centre have created an online library of ‘Stay Home Science’ experiments that can be carried out anywhere.

Stay Home Science is a free resource and can be accessed via the Aberdeen Science Centre YouTube channel. Easy to follow video tutorials for children to try at home including ‘How to make bouncy balls’ and ‘Make your own rock candy’.

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