Explore aberdeen science centre

‘Unleash the Power of Curiosity’ at ASC

What can you expect to see and do when you visit Aberdeen Science Centre? The exhibits and activities below are just a sample of the fun in store for all visitors.

Six awe-inspiring zones


Explore over 60 brand new exhibits throughout our 6 awe-inspiring zones…….. where you will also find a few ‘old favourites’ too.

Explore the outer reaches of Space from the comfort of Aberdeen Science Centre! Search the planets, see yourself as an astronaut or ‘fire’ a rocket! WOOOOOOOOOOSH!!

Energy is everywhere around us! Find out more about where energy comes from, how it shapes our world and how we use it now and in the future.

Find out all about how bodies work, what they need to function and meet an Aberdeen ‘favourite’ who hasn’t been ‘baaaaaaaaaaa-d’ from coming back.

We haven’t forgotten about our younger scientists! We have a whole zone just for them in the Under 6’s zone.

Come and have a go at making some of your own science.

Explore how things work in our ‘Test it’ zone, its all here waiting for you to see what happens!


Meet our friendly and very knowledgeable robot, RoboThespian!

You can programme his movement, speech, facial expressions and colour​. Make him sing, tell a story or listen to RoboThespian read out our competition winners’ entries about renewable energy!

RoboThespian has been very kindly sponsored by Equinor, our Digital Futures Partner

Equinor is a broad energy company, at the forefront of the energy transition. Exploring opportunities in new energy as well as driving innovation in oil and gas around the world. As we transition to a low carbon future, their ambition is to be the world’s most carbon-efficient oil and gas producer, as well as driving innovation in offshore wind and renewables. 

Digitalisation is a key enabler of the energy transition. Digital tools, robotics and artificial intelligence support our transition to a low carbon future, along with safe and efficient operations here and now.

As well as being a lot of fun, we very much hope that interacting with RoboThespian will encourage young people to learn more about the energy industry and the vital role they too can play in helping us reduce carbon emissions.

The OPITO Theatre of Energy

The OPITO Theatre of Energy is an amazing, unique and immersive theatre providing visitors with three incredibly entertaining, educational experiences; the Energy Show, the Energy Game and the Energy Wall.

On entering the OPITO Theatre of Energy you will be will immersed in the ‘Story of Energy’. This show, using the latest projection mapping is projected over two walls, provides a stunning introduction to how having a mix of energy sources is important to our lives, and how it is shaped by our demand.

Follow this by playing our fun, interactive game to balance the energy supply to an imaginary Aberdeen City.

Can you make sure the city doesn’t have blackouts whilst ensuring less CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere and cope with changing weathers conditions and demand? Visitors can choose their energy sources, creating an energy ‘Avatar’ and discover the pros and cons of each energy source.

And finally, ‘throw some shapes’ on our Energy Wall and see what happens!

OPITO, the global not-for-profit skills body for the energy industry, has invested more than £600,000 in The OPITO Theatre of Energy, a unique immersive and educational energy theatre.

This immersive theatre, which will be the only one of its kind in the UK, will provide three amazing immersive experiences for visitors developing an understanding of how having a mix of energy sources is important to our lives, and how it is shaped by our demand.

Amazing shows and fantastic demos


Our fantastic science communicators deliver a daily programme of interactive shows and demonstrations which will amaze and astound throughout the day, with activities suitable for all ages. Each show lasts about 30 minutes and are filled on a first come, first served basis.