Group Visits

Group workshops

Aberdeen Science Centre’s group workshops give our visitors practical experiences in STEM subjects and are designed to excite and inspire a lifelong interest in science.

Check out available workshops below and get in touch with any questions via our contact form below.

A hand poring a green chemical into a a yellow tray

Colourful Chemistry

Become a budding scientist and get involved with colourful science experiments and lots of hands on fun.

Space Craft

Have an out-of-this world visit: take part in science demonstrations and complete a space themed craft activity to take home.

CSI Aberdeen

There’s been a crime! Become a science detective and carry out an investigation by examining evidence from the scene (age 8+)

Robot Playground:

Take part in activities to explore how computers ‘think’, and join in games and challenges using our Dash Robots.

Erupting Volcanoes

Investigate the shape and formation of volcanoes, find out about magma and lava, and build and erupt your own model volcano.

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