Inspiring Practitioners

Inspiring Practitioners

Science for Community Learning and Development Workers’ is an online, free course to ignite (or reignite) your passion for science. Developed for community leaders, the 2-hour programme will provide fresh ideas on how to engage with your learners or a range of science inspired topics.

The course if aligned to the CLD Standard Council’s Competencies and is split into 6 sections, providing you with the background knowledge you need to help your learners engage with topics they may previously have felt were ‘not for them’

Aberdeen Science Centre is proud to be part of the development team, working alongside CLD teams at Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council to create the ‘Science for Community Learning and Development Workers’ online course, to increase practitioner’s confidence in STEM.

For more information and to access course materials, please visit the Udemy website.

Woman shoiwung a child the ASC body scanner.
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