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Jump into the science of sport and adventure with ASC

ASC to run sports and adventure themed activities from September

Aberdeen Science Centre will explore the science behind various sporting activities as part of its latest theme, celebrating the Grand Départ of the Tour of Britain cycling event in Aberdeen’s city centre.

Launching on Thursday (September 1), The Science of Sport and Adventure theme will offer the opportunity for visitors of all ages to learn about sports science and exercise technology while taking part in hand-on activities and exhibitions.

Visitors will be able to explore how the human body is affected by exercise and outdoor adventures using thermometers and heart rate monitors, as well as examining the technology used in exercise equipment.

A number of hands-on activities will be on offer to junior sports enthusiasts in the centre’s designated under-6 zone.

As a featured partner of the Tour of Britain, Aberdeen Science Centre will also run various cycling-themed activities and exhibits, including investigating Peloton bikes, how aerodynamics impact cyclists on the move and microscope activities that will investigate the different materials involved with cycling.

Jessica Brook, public and digital programme coordinator at Aberdeen Science Centre, said: “With Aberdeen set to host the start of one of the UK’s largest cycling events, the Tour of Britain, what better time for us to place emphasis on the science behind sports and the technology associated with it. We will have a range of hands-on activities that will look into how the human body reacts to exercise, how Peloton bikes work and so much more. Through The Science of Sport and Adventure and our existing life sciences exhibits, we hope to educate and inspire the future sports stars and sport scientists of the future.”

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