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Start Learning Today

Engaging children in STEM can be daunting, we’ve made it easy. 

Aberdeen Science Centre’s approach to learning is built on creating relaxed environments, with holistic and engaging experiences. 

Our school programme allows you to select the perfect fit for your educational needs, with a range of exciting workshops, shows, digital offerings and resources. Each have been designed to link with the Curriculum, tailored to cater for different levels and covering a wide range of subjects. 

We’re excited to bring science to life for your class! 

Group of boys interacting with a hands on science exhibit during school trip.

School Visit Workshops

Book a visit to our centre to take part in one of our curriculum linked workshops and to explore over 65 hands-on exhibits!

Learning Lab

A programme of free resources and experiences that support classroom learning. Plus, a class visit to the centre!


A  digital workshop where students design their own game and learn how coding can help solve energy challenges.