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For Stem Ambassador Volunteers

STEM Ambassadors

Welcome potential, new and existing STEM Ambassadors and those that are re-joining the programme.

Getting Started

The first thing to ask yourself before becoming a STEM Ambassador is: Am I passionate about an aspect of STEM?  If the answer is yes – sign up!  There are no other requirements.

To become a STEM Ambassador there are 3 steps:

  1. Create a profile on the website
  2. Complete the online induction
  3. Complete a PVG application

We will send you more information about steps 2 & 3 when step 1 has been completed.  The above process can take between 6 to 8 weeks to complete and all of the above needs to be in place before you can volunteer.

Training and Events


Spotlight Profile Activity

Click here to complete your Spotlight profile.

Spotlight Profile Library

Browse STEM Ambassador Spotlight profiles from across the North fo Scotland here.

Physical Loan Resources

A range of resources are available for you to borrow free from ASC, the list availability changes regularly so please email for more information about what is available.

STEM Future Booklet

This resource can help you to structure and plan your sessions, click here.

STEM Ambassador Handbook

All the information you need to be successful STEM Ambassador can be found here.

STEM Learning Website

Browse all the amazing STEM resources available here.

Volunteering at Aberdeen Science Centre

You can also volunteer at ASC as a STEM Ambassador.  We regularly add activities to the database and if you would like to find out more about our regular volunteering opportunities head to our Volunteers page

How to use the Database

Volunteering for activities

Adding an offer

Adding past activity

STEM Ambassador North Scotland Hub

The STEM Ambassador Hub North Scotland is coordinated by a team based in Aberdeen Science Centre, with members of staff in Aberdeen and Thurso.  Wherever you are and whoever you are you can find someone to help.

Contact the hub at

Debbie Mathers

STEM Ambassador Co-ordinator

Pat Kieran

STEM Ambassador Co-ordinator

Karen MacDonald


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