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get to know suzanne steele from opito

suzanne steele 
    Marketing & comms           manager     




What is OPITO? What does it do?

OPITO is the global skills organisation for the energy industry. We are a not for profit, industry-owned organisation and we work with employers and employee groups to set and monitor industry standards in emergency response, workforce competence and development. Each year, more than 375,000 people are trained to OPITO standards through one of over 200 OPITO approved training providers operating across more than 50 countries globally.

What was your role in the development of The OPITO Theatre of Energy? 

I represented OPITO and helped to support the advisory group with the key decisions of the attraction and how it operates – including some hands-on work collating the question bank for the game, the look and feel of the energy Avatars and advice on the energy solutions and how they were captivated in the ‘virtual’ Aberdeen City.

Why is it important to reflect the work of the energy industry in the new exhibits? 

As we look towards an energy transition, it is important for everyone to understand the importance of an energy mix and how it fuels everything we do in our daily lives.

What role does Aberdeen Science Centre have to play in encouraging STEM education in Aberdeen and beyond?  

ASC has been an integral part of educating the North East since the early days of Satrosphere (which I have fond memories of!). Now more than ever, it is important that young people are given the chance to explore STEM in a fun and engaging way, as this interaction may ignite their interest in future careers.

What are you most looking forward to seeing / what is your favourite exhibit? 

I’m slightly biased, but I cannot wait to see The OPITO Theatre of Energy and enjoy the unique experience from start to finish. I’ve been practicing my moves for the Energy Wall…! I’m also looking forward to exploring the new space exhibits and having a chat with the RoboThespian…I hear he is very engaging!